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Images are scanned negatives of 120 mm Fomapan 400 Action black and white photographic film 

Domestique is a series of self-portraits I staged in three rooms of my residence and formed into three independent sequences subtitled Scenes


I used my body to explore the role of eroticism in a woman’s everyday life against the power of the male gaze. The work strongly refers to my fascination with surrealism as the signified meanings I expressed in each image strive to challenge viewers’ association with fantasy. My intention was to provoke an internal argument concerning the difference between in-women’s-way vs in-men’s-way, and pure nudity vs erotic. 


This project represents my first conscious decision to use the creative process for confronting my emotional state while exploring the sense of the self. In this work I reflected on the grip of my relationship crisis I was currently facing in the attempt to liberate the guilt I felt. This was the first time I experienced a state of catharsis achieved through the very process of making the work.

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