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  • Vera Ryklova

Member of Ormond Art Studios, Ormond Quay Lower, Dublin

I am delighted to be one of the three new artists who have joined the Ormond Art Studios this month.

photography: my phone camera snaps

I began developing my practice in 2015 after I graduated from college, and always worked from home. It has been an exciting time as well as it has proved to be a challenge. While still at the stage of emerging, I am confident that I have formed a professional career, which I strive to pursue.

And it did not take too long to realise I need a physical space that will allow me to immerse myself in my work.

Having now the access to a shared studio space and joining this artist-led community will hugely benefit my practice. It is not only the dedicated space for working I have missed greatly. But also, the environment that understands and supports the work artists do, which a peer-learning setting such this offers.


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