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  • Vera Ryklova

FUTURES 2020: Irish Talents representing PhotoIreland

photography: PhotoIreland ©2020

Each year PhotoIreland presents 5 artists to FUTURES, a European photography platform focused on amplifying emerging talents working in lens-based media. For the 2020 the selected Irish Talents were Becks Butler, Garry Loughlin, Mark McGuinness, Shia Conlon, and me.

Apart from a feature in OVER Journal, our work was also presented in the exhibition at The Library Project in Dublin, showcasing projects Loopies Field by Becks Butler, The Clearing House by Garry Loughlin, Ink by McGuinness, Exalted by Shia Conlon, and my Aesthetic Distance.

Unfortunately, due to the global pandemic all the usual events and activities organised by FUTURES member countries across Europe happened online. No visit to Amsterdam to Unseen, the key gathering and base for portfolio reviews, artist talks and meetings with curators, as in previous years. Hopefully the next year Irish Talents will fly ...

Vera Ryklova at FUTURES 2020

Vera Ryklova interview with Futures Photography

Vera Ryklova featured at PhotoRomania Festival (p.99-103)

Vera Ryklova online showcase: Challenging the medium

RESET: Futures Photography 2020 Publication

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