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  • Vera Ryklova

PhotoIreland Festival: Performing the Posthuman Subject in Photography

photo: Ángel Luis González Fernández ©2019

photography: Ángel Luis González Fernández ©2019

Inspired by Rosi Braidotti's writings The Posthuman, a visual artist, independent curator and lecturer at the Faculty of Design,GCD Becks Butler initiated and chaired this panel discussion. As the title suggests this artists talk observed the relationship between performance and photography where the post-human was rather understood as a new era of humanity the world entered after the end of the cold war.

Joined by a Spanish artist Fanfa Otal Simal, as we talk about the concepts within our own art practices, we addressed the role of the subject in general photographic practice.

Performing the Posthuman Subject in Photography took place at Museum of Contemporary Photography of Ireland, at Dublin Castle, as part of the PhotoIreland Festival 2019, on July 13th.

A condensed version of our debate was published in the September - October 2019 Visual Artist's News Sheet.

Performing the Posthuman Subject_VAN_201
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